Ideas and concepts emerge through a deep understanding of our clients' needs, wants and vision for the new premises. Open communication is strongly encouraged as our team takes time to listen and understand Clients' requirements. Thereafter, we work on conceptualising the best look and feel. Our approach to Client's design requirements comes from multi-faceted perspectives, ensuring that aesthetics, pragmatics, ergonomics, health and safety are all accounted for. 


This stage begins as early as during pre-lease period where we assist Clients in assessing their potential spaces with calculations, 'bubble diagrams', test-fit plans etc. During this process, our design team will progress from the initial workspace planning into areas to develop the entire feel of the space, ensuring Harmony in the elements. Our Belief: Balance in symmetrical areas, Focal points punctuated into the space to create interest, Rhythm to connect the entire office from front to back with play of reputation, progression and transition of design, and finally Details being the gels that binds the other 3 elements. 


Also know as the 'nuts and bolts' of the pre-construction process, our designers would base on confirmed concepts to start working on the intricate allocations of fixtures. This stage seals the Design by firming up of details such as Space Planning, Material Finishes, Custom-made Furniture etc. Our designers will then work with our Project team and MEP engineers to plan out the allocations from the Mechanical, Electrical and Fire Protection angles. After, our team seeks approval before any form of construction, to ensure expectations are set right. 

Project Management

Through careful planning and scheduled coordination with Vendors, our Project team would then work with building,government authorities and landlord to get clearance while establishing close working relationships for a smooth execution of the site works. As a BizSafe3 company, our team will ensure all safety matters are checked and managed, providing assurance to both the Clients and our Vendors. To set out timely delivery of Projects, our Project team would manage all resources through consistent monitoring, communication with Clients, and regular site meetings to clarify any discrepancies or doubts as soon as any risk factors are spotted. 

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